Friday, March 13, 2015

Day Two Clark


Lindsay and I were fortunate to see the play a second time. The nuance worked of the students really was noticeable. I realized that the cast list from Clark hasn't been posted.

Pete - Colby Hinson
Amber - Lillian Schley
Becky - Charlotte Maxwell
Trevor - Will Doughty
Conner - David Bertoldi
Brianna - Maya Davis
Kate - Clare Tassinari
Meg - Caraline Connor

Lindsay and I were able to meet with the cast before the performance and talk about the overall experience of the project. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say about the project and the value that they took from it. There was a strong appreciation for being able to play characters their age and like them. Lillian, who played Amber, shared that it was nice to see their stories being valued even if it doesn't seem like people their age are doing something extraordinary they have important stories. Clare, who played Kate, spoke about the value of being in an ensemble of people their own age.

Maya, who played Amber, is also a playwright and valued the importance of working with Lindsay, a female playwright, and seeing her process. And all of them seem to appreciate the open dialogue and that the writer and director weren't there just to provide answers but that they all contributed. I particularly found it interesting to hear Caraline, who plays Meg, articulating the experience that was one of Lindsay's inspirations for the project. The relationship of social media and major news events in the world.

Each of the cast members really had wonderful things to say about the value of the process and I may share some of those videos as the show heads to a close on Saturday.  Each of these trips were incredibly valuable to Lindsay and I. The production teams contributed a ton, each of the stage managers were amazing, and the faculty invested in the play. Also, the two of us got concentrated time together to talk about the play and ask each other questions about the script. There is another draft coming and we look forward to sharing that with all of you.

After Taylee, who played Becky at Centre College, read the post from the first performance at Clark, she sent me a message that summed up the experience perfectly.

"Wow! I can't believe all of the choices they made! That is so cool! It seems to me that you and Lindsay have seen three very different performances of the play and that is what this collaboration is all about! I'm so glad to hear that it went well! And can't wait to hear more! "

We look forward to sharing more. For now, to the cast at Clark:

Congratulations on a wonderful run!

Talk with you soon.


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